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Good Hope Kiwawa Orphanage

Good Hope Kiwawa is an orphanage located in Arusha, Tanzania that houses orphans from the Arusha area. The orphanage has been around for about 30 years.  Unfortunately about a year ago a family tragedy struck and the director passed away suddenly.  His sons now run the orphanage and while very capable they lack some of the contacts and resources of their father.  WeVol is working to restore the orphanage back to a fun, clean environment for the children and at the same time establish long term independent sustainability for the orphanage.  


WeVol’s Kiwawa Project:

Phase 1:  Bring the orphanage back up to a minimum sustainable level where the children have the food, clothes, water, sanitation, and facilities to enable short-term learning, safety, and growth.  -Complete-


Phase 2:  Purchase adjoining land to allow short term farming to bring in income for the orphanage.  -Complete-


Phase 3:  Build 3 additional rooms on the recently purchased land for the children so they can comfortably house all of the children necessary.  Build a guest house to allow active income for the orphanage by renting out the rooms to tourists and/or volunteers.  Enable the (working age and interested) children to learn hospitality services through the maintenance of the guest house.  Provide a stable sources of income for the orphanage.


With invaluable assistance of Ombeni Elisante (the orphanage director) we have already accomplished the first two goals for this project.  WeVol continues to work with the orphanage to improve living conditions for the children there as well as improve their opportunity to gain the education that they need and desire.  We are currently seeking funding for phase 3 of the project which has been estimated to cost between $30,000-$40,000USD.  Designs are underway and this page will be updated with the progress from the project.

We currently have a number of fundraisers in the works - learn more about our shoe drive here:  Shoe Drive Info & Shoe Pickup Request

Tanzania Quick Facts:


(Courtesy of UNICEF)

Tanzania population: 52.5 Million people


Life expectancy 62 years


Languages:  Swahili & English


Income per capita:  $570US


Literacy rate:  76.5% Male (15-24)

                        72.8% Female (15-24)


Population below the international poverty line:  67.9%

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