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WeVol was founded by a group who is passionate about enabling and affecting positive change in individuals and communities. Each member has had their own experiences in areas of diminished resources and has seen the uplifting impact that education can deliver. With proper community support, even small amounts of change can create a ripple effect resulting in substantial growth.


Through varied experiences and backgrounds, each member brings unique skills to the organization. From engineering to social work to finance, distinct views are valued and implemented through every step of the process. This unique mix of talents provides a balanced approach to projects and other areas of support.


WeVol believes education is essential for lasting individual and community growth. We support a broad spectrum of education-related projects including school and classroom construction, adult and youth programs, WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) initiatives, and delivery of classroom materials. By enabling development of the basic building blocks in the community and providing continuous support, we can ensure long-term change for an enriched future.

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