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Jalapa, Nicaragua


Jalapa is a small town located about 10 miles from the Honduran border in northern Nicaragua. Jalapa is in one of the poorest regions in Nicaragua and a number of the schools in the area suffer from a lack of running water, lack of sanitary restrooms, lack of school supplies, limited lighting, and overcrowding.  WeVol is working with the local schools and parents to improve conditions for local children.  We have completed a variety of projects to date including latrine rebuilds, helping local bands, supplying new chairs for classrooms among other things.  The current goal is to help improve facilities and systems to a minimal acceptable level.  Once the infrastructure needs are met WeVol will work with local groups to enhance education on hygiene, trades, and STEM.

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Current Project(s):  WeVol is working with local parents to upgrade restroom facilities at multiple schools.  The restrooms at the majority of the schools in Jalapa have been neglected to the point of disrepair.  WeVol is working to help dig new toilet pits, build new enclosures and improve overall sanitation so that the children can focus on learning.


To date we have completed restroom projects in Escambray, Santa Colomba, and Las Brisas (all small communities surrounding Jalapa.

WeVol continues to work with local NGO's and individuals to ensure that your donations go to where they are needed most.  Please join us in helping the children of Nicaragua.









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