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Initiating Change Through



WeVol is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization whose primary emphasis is on developing environmentally and socially sustainable communities. Our passion stems from first-hand experience with observing communities thrive through the power of education,  entrepreneurship, and life skills. By funding community-based projects both locally and internationally, WeVol empowers individuals and communities lacking resources to create lasting change. We create opportunities for youth and families to impact the world they live in. WeVol's commitment to building strong communities is long term and with a partnership/buy-in focus ensures that the change will be measurable and attainable. 

At WeVol, making a difference is achieved by putting the funding where it counts! By putting 100% of your donation towards the project, we can make a difference faster.

The WeVol store has been crafted to provide region-specific goods at affordable prices while supporting both local craftspeople and WeVol operations.


Coming Soon!

Would you like to help WeVol make an even bigger difference for communities and individuals? WeVol makes donating fun and easy. You can even track our projects from start to finish through our website.

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